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A revolutionary ethereum - based wallet that is able to provide features that are secure but yet convenient to every ethereum holders.


In a rapidly changing world, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which offers a decentralized system is redefining the financial landscape of nations and communities. In this light, Realxoin or RXE is poised to be the leading organization that combines traditional business venture with technology to create a unique economic ecosystem. Rxe aims to be a highly favoured cryptocurrency that will empower a new generation financial technology ecosystem.

What is RXE?
Easy To Use
Enter and create new wallet just by a click without having to login when checking the balance or receiving payment from third party.
Easy To Manage
The hassle free and most unique feature of the wallet is that is not only can store or keep RXE tokens, but also ETH and other ERC20 tokens.
Simple & Secure
The app allow users to store a passphrase to unlock the wallet in a simple but yet secure manner.
Unlike many other wallets that require lengthy processes to 
activate or access the wallets.
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RXE is powered by the most widely used Ethereum's blockchain platform also known as ERC-20 that allows smart functions for us to integrate into our decentralized applications.

Ethereum has recorded 620,267 in transactions on September 2, 2018, as compared to bitcoin transactions which only managed to reach 187,001 transactions on the same date. This shows that the blockchain community is more actively using the Ethereum platform.

As for RXE, the average time to transact from one RXE wallet to another is about 26 seconds. These transactions can be made anytime, from anywhere to anywhere, without going through middle parties and at with low transactions fees.

Our Technology


We are listed in Ddex Exchange.

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RealXoin Team
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