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The Valley of Gold

"The opportunity of gold mining was injected due to my other business in Mongolia several years ago, taking over a public listed company in the Mongolia stock exchange. Thus coming out with our new slogan The Valley of Gold." says the CEO of RealXoin Technologies.

Gobi Altai

The gold mine is located in the Altai province located at the west of Mongolia. The site is known as Altangadas and a town known as Gobi Altai is just 30 minutes drive away. This town will be incredibly helpful to eradicate matters on logistics, medical, electricity and water supply. This town even has a small airport where there are 2 flights a week to the capital city.

Gold Mining

As of October 2019, we have just concluded a meeting in Ulanbaatar and visiting the gold mine site on application to obtain a full Mining License or in Mongolia we call it License A.

This license will enable us to have a concession to mine and further explore for the next 30 years.

Currently we are doing a feasibility study on an area as wide as 500 hectares with placer gold and surface gold. We forecasted to obtain a minimum of 10 tons of Placer gold which we will begin operation in March 2020.

Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 10.29.00 AM.png

With this operation, we will grow our production beginning from 1kg per day to 7 kg per day in 2021. In total we will produce a minimum of 350,000 ounces over a few years with a total revenue to our group at USD 500 million.

This will provide a good cash flow for the group and hence will benefit all our shareholders and supporters.

While we are planning and producing Placer gold, we will do further exploration on greisen and vein gold (hardrock gold). This is where the block of gold will be with a forecast of 58 tons of gold.

It will be a very exciting 12 months ahead. The year 2020 will be the breakthrough year for everyone that believe in us and supported us.

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